Insurance premiums:
1.Does the foreign worker have to pay full amount of the insurance premiums while carrying labor insurance?
2.What is the percentage the foreign workers shall shoulder for the insurance premium of labor insurance?
3.If the insured person is dead, shall he/she stop paying the insurance premium from the day of death?
4.What will happen if the insured unit under-declares the insured person's insurance salary?
5.The cash benefits are paid according to the average monthly insurance salary. What is the computation of the average monthly insurance salary?
Insurer, insured Units and insured Persons:
6.How do foreign workers participate in the labor insurance while working in Taiwan?
7.During the probation period, can the insured units temporarily not carry the insurance for the employee until the end of the probation period?
8.Can the workers currently carrying labor insurance withdraw the labor insurance due to participation in national health insurance?
9.When shall the workers carry the insurance?
10.When is the beginning of the labor insurance coverage?
Insurance benefits:
11.Can foreign workers claim for injury or sickness benefits while suffering from ordinary injury or sickness?
12.Can foreign workers claim for disability benefits while suffering from ordinary injury or sickness?
13.Is there any limitation on period of claim for insurance benefits due to insurance incidents?
14.What is the computation of the old-age insurance for an insured person who resigns at the age of 60?
15.If the spouse of the foreign worker dies outside the applicable area of the Labor Insurance Act, can he/she claim for burial subsidy of the death benefits?