Population About 80 million
ReligionBuddhism, Taoism
CurrencyVietnam Dong
Food and drinkRice is the main meal
FestivalFestival is similar to China, there is Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival etc.

Vietnam is located at the east of central south peninsular and the area of the country is about nine times of Taiwan. In the north it is connected to Mainland China, in the west it faces Laos and Cambodia and in the south it faces Malaysia over the sea and the country is in narrow long shape.

In its history, Vietnam was under the jurisdiction of China, France and Japanese. After the end of the Vietnam War, it slowly opened their international door and was ready to accept modernized baptism. After 1986 Vietnam implemented economic reform and join the Eastern Union in July 1995. In 2007 the country officially joined the WITO. At present it has established trading relationship with over one hundred countries. Vietnam government is striving actively towards the goal of being the tiger in Asia.

Generally Vietnam labor will receive education up to middle school and their personality is conservative and simple. Their local customs and practices are quite similar to Taiwan and they can withstand hardship. Most of them have no experience of working abroad. Although they do not speak English yet the ability to learn Chinese is quite fast. Their personality is hard working and frugal. If overtime expense is given to them, they can give up the holiday. Once employer starts to employ Vietnam labor, the employer should clearly request no holiday but will give them overtime pay they deserve and Vietnam labor will accept happily.